Individual approach to each client
High quality and efficiency
Reliability - especially

The company "Imperial Gold" for the past few years has specialized in international transport services of all kinds of trucks, buses and trailers. If you are looking for distilled trucks under its own power, then we are ready to provide you with all necessary for this condition.

Our credo - responsibility to themselves, customers and partners. For us, success - it was perfectly executed task, thanks to customers and confidence in the future.

We guarantee:

  • - Individual approach to each client;
  • - The application process and provide the necessary information to the client as soon as possible;
  • - Selection of the optimal route for the transport vehicle;
  • - Qualified drivers;
  • - Control vehicle traffic along the entire route;
  • - Providing the client with information about the whereabouts of the vehicle at any time;
  • - Legal and reliable movement of freight;
  • - Advice on insurance and how to find an optimal program for motor vehicles;