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"Imperial Gold" - a promising company with ambitious plans for the future, which accumulates experience every minute of their activities. We act courageously, calculate and analyze each step.
We specialize on organization and realization of transport trucks, tractors, buses and trailer vehicles transportations from Europe to the CIS countries.
From 1998 to 2010 worked with the company terra Handels - und Speditionsgesellschaft mbH Germany transported by trucks from Europe to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan.
In 2010, self-organized company "Imperial Gold." To date, the staff is 130 people.
In 2012 "Imperial Gold" received national certification - industry leader 2012. Also we were included in the top 25 companies on the criteria of "Profitability and liquidity", "The scale of production and the ability to pay", "Social Indicators", "resource efficiency", "Investment attractiveness"