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The company "Imperial Gold" offers its customers service - group passenger transportation in the cities of Ukraine and Europe. Here you can rent a bus in Lutsk for tourist trips, children`s groups, athletes, etc. Our services are used by travel agencies from all over Ukraine. To passengers having fun traveling in our buses are equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioning, audio and video equipmen.

All our customers have come to enjoy the pleasure of moving from point A to point B, and only leave positive feedback after the trip by bus "Imperial Gold". We do our best to maintain a high level of service and all the time to improve it. You can order the service - a group carrying children in Lutsk and go on a tour of Ukraine and Europe.

Our drivers have extensive experience in the transportation of passengers abroad. In particular, it has contributed to the convenient geographical location of the city of Lutsk, which is located at the crossroads of east to west and vice versa. This allows customers and partners to take our bus for rent in the city of Lutsk, quickly get to the right place on the map of Europe.

In its own fleet of "Imperial Gold" have buses with different numbers of seats. This means that you can rent a bus for a large or small company. We provide buses for rent for tours in Ukraine and Europe, a variety of activities and excursions. Thanks to us, you will not notice as were in another part of the country.