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Tourist bus transportation in the tourism sector account for about 40% of all services, it is important that tourists get in the way all the necessary amenities in the vehicle in which they move. Everyone knows that travel to other cities of the country by bus last for several hours and sometimes days. That is why it is important that tourists can relax in the way of a busy travel or safe access to recreational facilities. Here you can book the bus for a guided tour in the city of Lutsk.

Most tour companies do not have at its disposal its own fleet, so they turn to companies that provide services in the field of passenger transportation in Ukraine and Europe.  The company "Imperial Gold"  on a continuous basis with the considerable number of travel agencies, so our drivers have extensive experience in passenger transport a large group of people abroad. We rent of buses and minibuses to transport passengers, as well as the implementation of a transfer from the railway stations and airports, tours all routes and distances and other types of tours in Europe and the CIS.

Tourist transport in Ukraine today are unusual demand, as people began to travel more and to know every corner of our great planet strives each. During leisure, people spend on the bus a lot of time, so the order of the bus in the city of Lutsk, or any other city in Ukraine should be done with great care. The company "Imperial Gold" guarantees its customers a high level of comfort on the road. Our buses regularly pass inspection onĀ«Imperial Auto ServiceĀ», so at any moment can go to any point on the map with the passengers inside. Our buses with drivers for tourist traffic guarantee comfort and safety on the road.